Cooking w kids

For many years I’ve excluded milk and gluten from my diet because I’ve experienced that I feel much better. As long as I exclude these foods I have more energy, are not bloated or have the same tummy aches. I’m also a pescatarian which means that I eat fish and seafood but not other kinds of meats. These restrictions and decisions have of course shaped my cooking and over the years I’ve learned from lots of baking and cooking experiments.

Our family consist of me, My husband Jeremie, our 2,5 year old daughter Ester and our 8 year old dog Myra. We live in Ramlösa in the southern part of Sweden. We limit the amount of sugar used since our daughter arrived since we want to give her good habits. With some creativity, It’s not difficult to bake delicious baked goods with only using natural sweeteners such as fruits. When Ester and I bake (Ester loves to bake) I’ll make sure to share the recepies with you.

Jeremie comes from Canada and we’ve together lived in Toronto as well as in Burkina Faso in West Africa and in France. From living in these countries as well as from traveling to other countries I’ve tried a lot of different foods and I love to try different flavours both from other’s cooking and using myself. On this site I hope to inspire to try different kitchens, spices and combinations. 

With hope to inspire to delicious milk and gluten free baking and cooking that is naturally sweetened.